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SCALIGERA PACKAGING has been manufacturing sleeve packaging and palletizing systems since
1992 for a wide variety of products in bottles, cans, plastic bottles, jars, pots, tubs, packets, drinks’ cans, tin cans, bags, heat-shrunk packs, bundles, cases and anything else that can be packed inside boxes and trays.

Our strong point is without a doubt the research that reveals itself in the construction of machines according to clients’ requirements, using tested technical solutions assured by more than 300 already operational systems created for leading companies in the sector.

Our technical team is made up of designers, qualified technicians, mechanics and electricians, each one with a
clearly defined role in order to guarantee the high quality of his or her work.  The result is the creation of systems which are outstanding in their positive reliability and practicality of use, and because they deliver the performance promised.

Mission Scaligera 2

Strong point is certainly the research that realizes and dresses the machines according to the customers demand, adopting proofed technical solutions guaranteed by 100 and over working plants realized for trade leader companies.

History Scaligera 3

Scaligera Packaging since 1992 realizes packing and paletization plants for several types of products like bottles, cans, tins, jars, trays, packets, bags, packs, cases and what you can put inside cardboards and trays.

Guarantee Scaligera 4

Our products are certified as CE norms and guaranted safety!

Reliable Scaligera 5

The technical staff consisting of designers, engineers, mechanics and electricians, ensures the high quality of work that is aimed at plants which are distinguished by the special trust 'and simplicity' maintenance.

An Italian choice Scaligera 6

The whole processing is done in our Italian territory, from design to construction of the machine itself.

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