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KOHEM S.r.l. (formerly Siem), rich of a long and consolidated experience, is today one of the most qualified industrial companies operating in the large landscape of bottling machine manufacturers for wines, oils, liqueurs, drinks, soft-drinks, foods, diary, beers and beverage industries.

KOHEM S.r.l. (formerly Siem) has strengthened its presence in domestic and foreign market and is now able to meet any requirement, from providing customers with small semi-automatic machines to designing, building, assembling and testing complete 'turnkey' systems with a production capacity of up to 15,000 bottles / hour.

KOHEM S.r.l. (formerly Siem) machinery range consists of:

  • Systems, semi-automatic and automatic bottling machines
  • Rinsing and Air-cleaning machines
  • Filling machines
  • Capping machines 
  • Mono-block / Three-blocks and Multi-blocks
  • Labelers 
  • Palletizing robo
  • Complete bottling lines

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KOHEM S.r.l. (formerly Siem) has developed and integrated into their equipments solutions to the preservation of the products with high risk of oxygenation, the preservation of the product from possible contamination arising from the environment and the processing, reduction of maintenance and easy cleanable systems and fast changeovers.

Experience and constant technological growth allow:

  • Development of new and more advanced solutions,
  • Machines designed for low maintenance,
  • Reducing design and construction times.