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CMI - Filling and Closing System

Filling and Closing System

For more than thirty years CMI has been designing, manufacturing and selling machines for bottling, capping, labelling, cartooning and automatic mixing plants that have been utilized in large and small companies all over the world. Our task is always oriented towards the development of products which will improve your operation with easy and concrete solutions.

In a particular manner CMI produces automatic or semi-automatic, linear or rotary capping and bottling machines, also available in version suitable to specific requests.

Today, CMI presents new systems developed and projected to further increase functionality and performance of lines suitable to specific sectors like painting, glue, edible and mineral oils.

CMI a growing up company

In today’s fast moving, evolving world with new technologies, CMI meets the challenge with a winning combination of new technology and a greater operational reality.



Experience has enabled us to develop proper solutions for your needs, for the bottle type, construction material as well as the processed liquids.

Constant technological growth allows the development of new and more updated solutions, with low maintenance thus reducing the design and construction times.

Bottling and capping machine production is carried out in our workshop, which has been renewed to provide greater space.

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