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About the Company

Betti was established in 1955 by Mr. Aurelio Betti, a young and enterprising mechanical engineer anxious to express his creativity on his own account. Initially the firm began manufacturing cartoning machines and other equipment for packaging dry pasta and then went on to cover other sectors too.

Betti In the 1950s and 60s, many automations were invented, often cutting-edge systems today found integrated, ergonomized and made even more appealing in an increasingly more sophisticated technological context.

In the 1970s, the company diversified its production and entered new packaging markets, especially that of chemicals. Skills were extended to cover all products packageable in cartons and cans with vertical filling. Besides a broad range of cartoning machines, packaging lines were built with automatic end-of-line systems which have replaced operators as regards heavier jobs.

Today, Betti machines are well-known and appreciated the world over and the company, now run by the third generation of the Betti family, continues to carry on business traditions, with all the engineers strongly involved in project development and an extremely friendly work environment.

Betti is a solid and stable company, increasingly more determined to take up the technical challenges launched by the market of the new millennium. Such determination makes it possible for customers to approach our company in the knowledge that they will receive all the care and attention which they require.

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